Getting Help is Now Even Easier

We encourage all users to now submit support requests through the “Contact Us” button found at the bottom of most pages. We will continue to monitor for new issues and update users with existing support requests through that mechanism.


The common environment was created in Hanscom milCloud (HmC) and is identical for all participants. The HmC resource provides an industry standard, x86 cloud resource for development and test activities.

The environment provides complete control of the “Government Furnished Equipment” including custom templates, image files, and data. Participants can deploy environments on demand, at their convenience (with a push of a button) and not worry about breaking anything or performing complex installation instructions. Each participant has as many working integrated GEOINT Workflow Enhancement (GWE) environments as needed that do the following in their private cloudspace.

  • Deploys and configures UnicornDB, SOCET GXP v4.1, and GDES v0.12.0 (detailed asset list below)
  • Joins a domain that includes a SOCET GXP license server and a shared drive
  • Adds and configures unique users for each team
  • Mounts the shared image server with appropriate permissions for each team

Every time the deployment is launched it is automatically built in the exact same way for each participant. If participants need to include a new or updated piece of software (e.g., different version of Firefox or JDK) or make any configuration updates they change that part of the “recipe” and redeploy immediately. Users can also deploy multiple copies in parallel, up to their capacity limit in the cloudspace. People with the appropriate permissions can remotely access this environment.

HmC User Group Meeting

This meeting will provide an update on current HmC efforts and capabilities while exposing all users to the wide variety of applications, services and integration potential HmC has to offer your program now and moving forward. Everyone from new users to HmC veterans are encouraged to come and share your knowledge.

Event: HmC User Group Meeting and Training

When: 17 JUNE 2015, 1100-1600

Where: 2 Clock Tower Place, 5th Floor Conference Room Maynard, MA 01754


Who: PMs interested in using HmC, users wanting to learn more.

Workshop sessions include:

  • milCloud 101 - general overview
  • Feature Roadmap - preview new features planned, including network provisioning, other clouds, vGPU
  • Production Ballet - walk thru going from dev thru test and how to use same for production to minimize downtime. Also discuss how to use for production offline
  • Test Automation - show how to set up test automation; demonstrate new tools
  • Cloud Landscape - advances on the technical implementation of commercial clouds; review of private vs. public; plans for connectivity; what’s connected now/supported, what are people asking for, pitfalls, rough costs
  • Securing Systems in the Cloud - assets, scans and strategies for securing systems; dealing with IAVAs; what measures are taken on CONS3RT systems to secure them
  • Asset development - training on how to develop assets
  • Program Success - review of real program success and how each one is doing something a little different to achieve success.
  • Tier Packages & GSA Contract - nuts & bolts session on how to spec & pay for use of HmC
  • Advanced Development - Using the CONS3RT ReST API for sophisticated work flows and integration. Introduction of Elastic Test Tool SDK

Over 2 Million Hours!

One CONS3RT-driven site reached a milestone of over two million hours of deployed systems in the past year!

Proxy Server Activated

Effective 19 JAN 2015 the upstream network provider for HmC will be implementing a Web Filter/Proxy Server for all outbound web traffic (ports 80 and 443). Users of existing systems will need to adjust the proxy settings for their applications and browsers in order make web connections. We will be updating all containers (templates) in the environment to include these settings by default. The configuration should be:

Proxy Server IP:
Port: 8080


The Web Filter is being used in a Forward Proxy mode and only outbound web traffic (80 and 443) and FTP will pass through the web filter. You will have to configure your web browser to point that traffic to the web filter.

Content Filter

If you have a web site that is being blocked that you require to perform your duties, submit a support request with the URL and a justification why you need access to it. We will be forwarded to the IAO on your behalf and if necessary, the DAA, to consider the whitelisting.

Web Applications

The following are being blocked: Circumventors/Proxy, Games, and File Sharing/P2P.