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Topic: Troubleshooting
Duplicate Cookie Troubleshooting

Duplicate Cookie Error Some CONS3RT users have encountered a unique error declaring “HTTP ERROR 400 Duplicate valid session cookies.” Typically, the error appears similar to the image shown below. This error is caused by logging into a new CONS3RT tab while an existing RA window that has auto-logged out (timed out) is still open in the same browser. To resolve this error: * Please clear your browser cache (clear cookies) back at least two weeks and close the browser.
Troubleshooting Deployment Failures

How to Troubleshoot During the process of launching a deployment, as described in this KB, users have the option to “retain the deployment on error.” If this box has not been checked and the deployment has an error, you will recieve an email stating that your deployment was not successful, and the run itself will be released (so that cancelled runs will not take up capacity if forgotten). For optimal troubleshooting ability, please check “retain the deployment on error,” as this will retain the errored run in it’s current state so that you can view the run and troubleshoot the failure.
Windows Updates

Why are Windows Updates in CONS3RT Disabled? All Windows OS Templates that are deployable in CONS3RT have Windows Update disabled by default. There are numerous reasons for this, but they all boil down to reliable, rapid, and consistent Windows deployments. If Windows Updates were enabled on boot, CONS3RT users would experience widely varying launch times and possible system timeouts depending on whether a Windows Update was performed. Windows instances that are undergoing Windows Updates will also reboot, rendering them unaccessible via CONS3RT for potentially hours at a time.
CAC not detected or TLS issue message in browser

Recently, some Windows 10 users have reported an issue connecting to Arcus and other CAC-enabled website like Government webmail or DI2E, possibly related to a Windows 10 update. Windows appears to be presenting CAC certificates to Arcus and other CAC enabled sites incorrectly. The problem manifests as one of the following in your browser: In Edge or Internet Explorer: Can’t connect securely to this page. This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.
Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019 Servers losing network connectivity

We’ve been receiving support ticket from users having Remote Access issues connecting to the Windows Server 2012, 2016, and 2019 systems, or other situations where they may lose network connectivity internally to the space or to the Internet. In these situations rebooting the system, or resetting the network interface may solve the problem for a period of time. While working with VMware Support on this issue, it was found on Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019, VMware will set the interfaces to the E1000 interface by default (which is not recommended for theses OS’s).
Troubleshooting a Test Error

Known Issues Nessus If you encounter a Test Error in a Nessus Scan with an error message including invalid credentials, simply click the Re-Test button. This is an issue with the Nessus product, and we are working on a fix to avoid this issue in the future.
Troubleshooting Cloudspace Connectivity

Your cloudspace shows a red dot, meaning it is in a disconnected state. This means that CONS3RT has failed its most recent periodic reachability check to your Cloudspace. Common Problems Cloud Outage – Many times a Cloud provider will experience an outage due to either planning maintenance, or when unplanned problems arise. Your first step is to check for Cloud maintenance notifications from the provider, and secondly to check their status page to look for any indication of problems.
Certificate Login Errors

Certificate Login Errors For sites that support or require PKI authentication, users sometimes encounter errors related to presenting certificates. The DoD Cyber Exchange site is a good resource for getting started with PKI/PKE. Configuring Browsers Instructions for configuring your browser to use PKI. Trusted Sites Some Windows users are able to resolve certificate and/or TLS connection issues by adding the site to the Trusted Sites list in their browser.
Missing Buttons

Some Internet Explorer users can not see some button icons due to the security policy on their system. The buttons are still there and functional (as are the tool tips if you hover over); you can click on them and the system will work properly, however they just look like blank space. This is not an issue with Firefox or Chrome. Correcting the Problem To correct this issue, contact your local administrator to adjust the Internet Explorer Security Settings for Font Download to Enable or Prompt for this site.
No Cloudspaces Available to Launch your Deployment

When attempting to deploy a system, the following error message may appear: “Sorry, you don’t have access to any cloudspaces that can run this deployment.” The reasons for receiving this message are listed below. Wrong Project Selected If the wrong Project is selected, you may not be able to launch your Deployment. To fix: Your default project is set to “Community” upon account creation, so you will have to change your default project.
Troubleshooting Remote Access

The remote access capabilities in CONS3RT have been utilized by users around the globe with great success, delivering simple, browser based remote desktop like performance with out the need for plugins or tunnels. If you are having trouble with your remote access sessions, it is likely one of these issues: Can’t Connect Stale cache/cookie/connection: Sometimes the browser will attempt to “help” and the cached session information interferes with new connections.
Asset Install Problems

Asset Exited with a Non-Zero Code CONS3RT runs each asset in order as specified in the System Builder for the underlying System asset by executing the install script for the asset. After script execution CONS3RT reviews the exit code returned by the script. If the script was unable to execute properly, or if the install script exited with a non-zero code: CONS3RT will assume the install script failed, stop the Deployment Run provisioning, and notify you with the asset that failed to install.