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Topic: Storage
Storage Service Credentials

Overview CONS3RT users can generate tokens (credentials) in order to securely access storage services directly from a host in an active Deployment Run using third party clients. These credentials are unique to users, reflect their roles and permissions, and last for a period of time determined by the cloud storage provider. This approach provides enhanced security with a full audit trail and reduces the management overhead and credential sprawl that often occurs in cloud providers.
Data Storage Service

The CONS3RT Data Storage Service can be used to create storage buckets through your chosen cloud provider (e.g. an Amazon S3 bucket) via the CONS3RT UI. Upload and download files up to 4GB in size. How to create a bucket Locate the Storage section under the services header in the main menu Click the Add button next to Storage Select a cloud Enter a name for your bucket Select the access controls for your bucket Note: if you don’t see any available clouds when adding a bucket, please contact your Project Owner, or put in a ticket to support.