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Topic: Storage
Data Storage Service

The CONS3RT Data Storage Service can be used to create storage buckets through your chosen cloud provider (e.g. an Amazon S3 bucket) via the CONS3RT UI. Upload and download files up to 4GB in size. How to create a bucket Locate the Storage section under the services header in the main menu Click the Add button next to Storage Select a cloud Enter a name for your bucket Select the access controls for your bucket Note: if you don’t see any available clouds when adding a bucket, please contact your Project Owner, or put in a ticket to support.
Using Active Directory or Custom Windows User integration Permissions with the Storage Service

Microsoft Windows operating systems support a format called “VHDX” or the virtual hard disk v2. This allows you to create disk images that can be stored in another storage device, have full read/write access and user and group level control on them. For more details on this disk format, see this Microsoft article. For info on the CONS3RT Storage Service, you can see this article. A common usage within CONS3RT is creating a custom share for your organization and managing the user permissions on the share.