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Topic: Slack App
Slash Commands and Usage

In addition to event based notifications, the CONS3RT Slack App provides users with several slash commands to get real time information from CONS3RT Integration: In order to begin using the CONS3RT Slack App, it must first be installed and integrated with a CONS3RT Project Packages and Package Options: Options are broken down by package. To view all supported packages call the following: /cons3rt help Here the help option will provide a list of the supported packages
Connect Your Project With Slack

Integrating your CONS3RT Project with a Slack Team allows project members to receive notifications of key events and gives users access to slash commands, which provides real time information from CONS3RT Installing the Slack integration requires a CONS3RT user account and is limited to owners of a CONS3RT project. For an overview of CONS3RT and the benefits of a CONS3RT account, please read the overview. Registration A Project Owner can add Slack Team integrations to their project.