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Topic: Getting Started
Request a Project

To request a new project for your team, please email the support team at: In addition, please review the pricing info for your CONS3RT site below: Arcus
Joining a Project

When your account is registered and approved into CONS3RT, you will be able to log in and navigate the site but to build assets and deploy machines, you need to be: Added to an active project or request a new project Granted permissions by a project owner Each project self-manages access to their own projects, so you need to contact the project to be added. The community team does not grant access to projects.
System Requirements

Hardware and Software User systems require a modern web browser with Javascript enabled; no plugins or additional software are necessary. Sites supporting government users (e.g Arcus) requires the use of PKI certificate credentials for authentication. Note: A card reader may be needed to access certificate-based sites. Supported Web Browsers Linux: Firefox, Chrome Mac: Safari, Firefox, Chrome Windows: Internet Explorer (10 or higher), Firefox, Chrome Internet Explorer 9 can be used in the application but not in Compatibility mode.
Setting Default Project

When first logging in to CONS3RT, you will be placed into your default project. Set your default to the project you are actively working. To set your default project: Log in to the CONS3RT site Click on the Profile icon in the top-right Click Profile and Account Click Projects Under Default Project, set your desired default project Click Save More Help Review this topic with our video tutorials:
Product Overview

CONS3RT is a cloud orchestration and cloud services software, empowering users to leverage public and private clouds in developing, validating, securing and fielding software systems that enable them to achieve their objectives of Agile Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. CONS3RT provides the access to, and automation of, the resources necessary for the development, testing and fielding of simple to complex software systems, pulling from a library of various assets (software tools, virtual systems, networks, tests, etc.
Support Requests

There are two primary ways to access the CONS3RT support system: Can’t Log in? From the home page at CONS3RT, click on the Support tab. Logged in: Click on the Profile Icon in the top-right and then select the Support option from the drop-down menu. You will be redirected to the “Getting Help” page. The “Getting Help” page includes how-to guides, instructional videos, links to the Knowledge Base, and API Documentation.