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Express User Interface

The Express User Interface What is the Express User Interface? The Express User Interface (EUI) is a way to access, deploy and undeploy selected deployments in a simplified tiled view without other distracting elements. This Express User Interface is specially designed for users that only need to consume resources or workstations, not create or modify. Users accessing the Express User Interface will utilize published Runs and Scenarios that have published as Compositions (KB here).

What is a Composition? A Composition is a way to publish and display runs, deployments, and workstations in a simplified tiled view for Express Users to consume in the Express User Interface (EUI). For more information on the Express User Interface, please see this KB. For more information on managing the Express User Interface, please see this KB. Note, to publish a Composition, please make sure that you have the necessary permissions to build composite assets and configure deployment runs.