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Topic: Clouds
Register my Azure Account

Follow these instructions to register your Azure account to CONS3RT. Step 1: Set up your local environment If you would like to work with the Azure CLI, this is a good time to install it on your local workstation. If you cannot install applications on your local workstation, you can use a virtual machine in CONS3RT! Here are some community assets you can use for CONS3RT: Azure CLI on Windows Azure CLI on Linux Azure Government If you are connecting tools to Azure Government, each tool has a different way of setting its environment for Azure Government, consult the documentation for the specific tools.
Cloud Security

Enable Cloud Security If you are a Team Manager, you can enable the additional security on your Cloud: Click Clouds on the main menu Select your cloud At the top right click …Actions, and click Apply Cloud Security Please wait while the additional security features are enabled on your cloud, it may take a few minutes When complete, your cloudspace will display “Lock” icon next to the cloud name With Cloud Security enabled:
Register my AWS Account as a Cloud

If you have your own AWS account, you can “bring your own cloud” (BYOC) to CONS3RT. To do this, register your AWS account as a “Cloud” in CONS3RT. Step 1: Set up your AWS Account for CONS3RT Set up an IAM Account for CONS3RT Log in to AWS as an administrator with IAM access Open the IAM Dashboard Create an IAM Policy Click on “Policies” Click “Create Policy” and then click the “JSON” tab Copy and paste the following JSON policy:
Cloud Impact Level

CONS3RT can assign maximum supported FedRamp/DoD Impact Level to Clouds and assets. Impact level evaluation occurs before the deployment of runs into cloudspaces. If specified, this value will prevent the installation and deployment of an asset into Cloudspaces whose declared impact level is lower than the specified value of any asset in the deployment. There are 6 supported levels of cloud impact: FedRamp Low Impact FedRamp Moderate Impact DoD Level 2 Impact DoD Level 4 Impact DoD Level 5 Impact DoD Level 6 Impact