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Topic: Accounts
Slack Workspaces

A Slack Workspace is now available for your CONS3RT team! This feature gives users access to community channels: #general for announcements and discussion #support to answer your questions #asset-dev for asset development discussion Each CONS3RT Team also has a private channel for each team member. To become part of the Slack community: Click on the profile icon at the top-right Select Profile & Account Click the Connect button next to Slack You must agree to the Code of Conduct to use the community Slack The email address associated to your CONS3RT account will receive an invitation to join Slack.
Managing your Account Certificates

In CONS3RT, all users can manage their own certificates After signing in to your CONS3RT account, click on the “person” icon located on the top right corner of the page. Choose “Profile & Account” from the list On the left panel of the profile page select, “Security” On the security page scroll down to the PKI certificates section Here, you can review any certificates that are registered to your CONS3RT account (e.
Obtain an ECA Certificate

Arcus requires the use of PKI credentials. Users without a Common Access Card (CAC) can can authenticate using External Certificate Authority (ECA) certificates. Using ECA Certificates has many benefits: Convenient site access using your browser or mobile device Convenient method for making ReST API calls Info on Obtaining an ECA certificate CONS3RT is a partner of Identrust, click here for info on obtaining an Identrust ECA certificate for CONS3RT: https://www.
Update Account Information

Update your Account Information Click on the Profile Icon on the top-right, and select Profile & Account Update your Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number as desired Update your Password Click on the Profile Icon on the top-right, and select Profile & Account On the Profile and Account page, click Security Update your password, twice to confirm Click Save Update your Email Address Click on the Profile Icon on the top-right, and select Profile & Account Edit your Email Address Click Save Profile Manage API Tokens Click here for info on managing API tokens Set your Default Project Click here for setting your Default Project Review Access Logs Click on the Profile Icon on the top-right, and select Profile & Account On the Profile and Account page, click Security Scroll down to review access logs for your account More Help Review this process with our video tutorials:
Account Approval

Registration in CONS3RT is self-service and described in this KB Article. Once registered, the new account request is pending approval by the CONS3RT team. We typically recommend that new CONS3RT users use their .mil or .gov email address to register for CONS3RT as this streamlines the account approval process. If this is not possible, please actively follow the steps below to ensure your account is approved in a timely manner.
Add a New Certificate to your Account

Adding a new Certificate Use the following steps to add a CAC or ECA certificate to your existing CONS3RT account. Navigate to CONS3RT Click the Sign-In button When prompted, select the new CAC or ECA certificate that you would like to associate. You should see an authentication error, but under that error there is an Account Assistance link. Click the Account Assistance link Select I Have a New Certificate Enter the email to add your CAC or ECA certificate to your existing account (Be sure to use the email address associated with your existing CONS3RT account) Check your email for the link to associate your cert with your CONS3RT account (If no email appears, be sure to check your spam filter.
Register with Certificate

Register your CAC or ECA Certificate Ensure your CAC or ECA cert is loaded into your browser Navigate to CONS3RT Click OK after the Notice and Consent Page Click the Register button in the top-right, and follow the instructions Select the certificate that you would like to register, and enter the CAC PIN or ECA passphrase as needed You should receive an email with additional instructions for getting your CONS3RT account approved Note: If you have any issues registering for an account please email the support team at support@cons3rt.
Self-Managed Account Credentials

Users can now add certificates and reset passwords for themselves. Go the CONS3RT homepage and click on the “Sign In” button. Select the “Account Assistance” option. Add New Certificate Check the “I have new certificate” box. Enter the email associated with your account. You will receive an email at this address with instructions on how to complete the process. Reset Password Check the “I need to reset my password” box.
Account Reactivation

For security purposes, an account registered in DoD environments will expire after 30 days of inactivity. This policy applies to Arcus. Note: You will receive an email notification three days prior to its official expiration. Log in to avoid account deactivation. Request Reactivation If your account expires, follow these instructions to request reactivation Navigate to CONS3RT. Click the “Sign In” button and attempt to log in. Once your log in fails, click the Account Assistance link.