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How it Works

Users access the building blocks of IT systems (operating systems, software installers, source code, etc.) and assemble them into simple or complex scenarios. These scenarios can then be deployed into the cloud to support a multitude of tasks — development, debugging, testing, training, scanning — both in automated or user-driven workflows. At different points along the way, the user can choose to add in more software, build, or test components. Users continually contribute and share more building blocks in the library, further expanding the possibilities. Secure remote access to deployed systems is available inside the web user interface.

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Register for an Account

Users can register for an account and request access to a project. All new users are given the Member role in the Community project. This allow you to browse the site and library in the shared space.

To request an additional role in a project, please submit a support request which will be approved by the project manager. Roles are defined in the Getting Started Guide and Users Guide.

Join a Project

If you know the project you want to join, add it to your account request. If not, once you are a member, you can browse the list of projects. To join, please submit a support request which will be approved by the project manager.

Requesting a new project also requires a support request which will be approved by the community administrator.

Navigating the Site

Once logged in, you go to your project page. All users are members of the Community project but you can change your default landing project. In the center of the screen is information about your project, on the right is activity taking place in your project and on the left is the primary navigation menu. Please see the user User Guide for more details on the capabilities.

Supported Browsers

Users can access all functionality with Internet Explorer 10+ and the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Note: Internet Explorer 8 and 9 can be used, but neither support the remote access functionality. Compatability mode in Internet Explorer is NOT supported.