CONS3RT Release
Beginning in version 19.3 the endpoint for ReST API calls change from https://site_url/api to https://app.site_url/. Please update your clients.


Container Images

Container Images are a new top-level asset type. One or more Container Images can be deployed on a System, and, optionally, along side Application and/or Source Code assets. Container Images can be sourced from the Asset Library or an external repository. They can be redeployed individually on an existing deployment run.

New Web Architecture

The front end infrastructure has been re-architected to improve perfromance, security, and scalability. It is completely container based with all the benefits. Remote access connections are more direct.


The main menu has been updated to organize assets and resources into like groups.

Availability Zone SDN

The software defined networks have been enhanced to provide support for for Availability Zones.

ElasticTest: Fortify

Fortify updated to version 18.20.


  • Remote access connections sorting is updated real time
  • Support added for OpenStack Keystone V3
  • Project membership changes reflected immediately in the UI
  • Cleaner error message when a cloud is unreachable
  • Corrected inconsistency on units in resource usage tables
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