CONS3RT Release
Beginning in version 19.3 the endpoint for ReST API calls will change from https://site_url/api to https://api.site_url/


Deployment Properties

The project.name,project.id, primaryNetwork, isPrimaryConnection, cons3rtNetworkIp, and primaryNetworkIp have been added to Deployment properties for use in assets and automation.

Editable User Credentials

The default user credentials displayed on the Run screen can be edited with a new value. This will not affect the running system but it will be used for future remote access connections.


ElasticTest: Script and Powershell

Script updated to run on Red Hat 7; Powershell updated to run on Windows 2016 Server.

Change from License to EULA

The License tab for Assets is more accurately labeled User Agreement.


  • Username with a . could not be added to sudo-ers file
  • Unable to search on Hosts
  • Team managers are unable to view expired projects
  • User is unable to link directly to project page
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