CONS3RT Release
Two deprecated properties have been removed: cons3rt.deploymentRunId and cons3rt.deploymentRunName. Update any existing runs using this format for these properties.

Automated ElasticTest Updates

Users no longer have to worry about approving updates to ElasticTest tools; it is done automatically. For existing runs, this means selecting RETEST will execute with the same version of the tool as originally installed; selecting RERUN will relaunch all systems and create a new ElasticTest with the new version of the tool. See the knowledge base for more details.

Cloud and Cloudspace Security

AWS Cloud admins can enable log collection (CloudTrail) and storage (S3) for their clouds. When Cloudspaces are created, traffic logging (FlowLogs) is enabled and data is persisted.

New Asset States

The new asset install process includes two new asset states during system build - Rebooting and Installed.

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