CONS3RT Release

Asset Wizard

Users can now create software and source code assets directly in the new Asset Wizard. It will walk users through the collection of the information and files necessary for building up an asset.

Referenced Asset Media

Asset media can either be uploaded directly or referenced by a URL. External (URL) media will be background downloaded, scanned and placed in the library for future use.

Automatic Firewalls

Systems are now deployed with their firewalls enabled. All outbound traffic is allowed; inbound traffic is only allowed on the cons3rt mgmt network for the supported remote access connections (i.e. RDP, VNC, SSH). Additional changes to the firewall can be managed via assets.

Automatic Disk Mounting

All additional disks defined in the System Builder are now formatted and mounted automatically. More information can be found in this kb article

Asset Counts

In the list view of assets the card shows how many times that asset has been used. The view can also be sorted to show the most Popular assets at the top.

Asset IDs

Assets are often referenced by their ID in log messages and some emails. The Asset ID is now displayed as part of the data in the left side column.

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