CONS3RT Release

Teams Phase II

Team Managers can now set and manage project creation, membership and resource limits.

Remote Access Low-Bandwith Mode

To improve performance on poor networks, users can select a low-bandwidth mode when opening RDP or VNC remote access sessions. This reduces requested resolution (DPI) and color depth for VNC and RDP connections, as well as disabling wallpaper for RDP connections.

Nested Hypervisors

Run KVM and VMware ESXi hypervisors as VMs in the cloud. (This should be for development, testing, or training only; performance is not sufficient for production.)

Maintenance mode

New Cloud and Cloudspace maintenance modes allow site and cloud admins to isolate maintenance work to specific resources and not affect all users. Requests submitted during maintenance are queued up and executed when the resources are ready.

New Powershell ElasticTest

Runs and re-test Powershell scripts automatically. Runs on a Windows 10 VM.

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