CONS3RT Release

Asset State Improvements

We have reduced the number of asset states and simplified the workflow. Please see this [](knowledge base article) for more details.


We have added a speed test to the site to help users identify possible network issues that might affect performance. Clicking the Speedtest link at the bottom of the page will collect results from the user’s system to the site.

Remote Access Enhancements

There have been several enhancements to better understand and prevent Remote Access issues. These include hiding the Connect button if the system is turned off, disabling re-connect retries if there is a password problem, preventing attempts to make a connection when someone else is on the system, improving disconnect messages, and implementing browser behavior changes. These should help reduce user side problems that appeared as “disconnects”.

New Authentication Workflow

Users are now asked to present their certificate for authentication only after they attempt to sign in. This will allow users having trouble with their certificates to reach the Support resources.

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