CONS3RT Release
The Virtual Services Manager service has been retired. Contact support for assistance in addressing your service stub requirements.

ElasticTest Tools

Dashboards now include a list of all ElasticTest tools available to the project with links to the available test cases.

Native System Accounts

The password for all existing accounts in a system (e.g. root, administrator, x_administrator, etc.) is now set to the same as the password for the user created at launch time. Users can use an asset if they want to make further changes.

Account Credentials

Users now only see links and management boxes for the credential type (username/password or certificate) supported in the site. In certificate sites, users can see the certificates registered to their account.

Architecture Changes

The front end (GUI, ReST) is now a separate module in development. This will allow for faster rollout of new features and shorter maintenance windows.

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