There are several tools that target Cloud management, but only CONS3RT focuses on usefulness, so people can actually get things done in the Cloud.

Through the use of provisioning, build, and test services, organizations can achieve the highest levels of continuous integration and continuous delivery. Users create recipes for the Systems in their development and test environments and then launch them on-demand to support their infrastructure and development activities.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Register your supported private or public CloudSpace and begin working immediately. Current adapters include VMware vCloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware Air, OpenStack, and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

The Provisioning-as-a-Service (PaaS) feature allows users to deploy workstations, servers, or entire clusters for development, testing, or long-term infrastructure migration efforts.

Enable Greater Collaboration

CONS3RT was built from the ground up to enable sharing and code reuse both within teams and across organizations. By making common components available for use by the Community, users are free to focus on their tasks and not gathering prerequisites from multiple sources.

Users can contribute software and test definitions within their organization or to the Community Library, facilitating rapid development of new code and System recipes. As System recipes are refined, they can also be shared outside the organization for use in greater System integration efforts.

Integration and Security Testing

With support for leading commercial testing software and a full-featured SDK that allows you to bring along your own test tools, users have access to a full suite of test options that promote testing as an integral part of the software development and system integration lifecycle.

By adding community-provided or custom-developed test Assets to their Deployment recipes, users can execute regression testing on new builds, perform smoke tests, run performance testing, and check vulnerabilities with various security scanning suites.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous build and deployment is crucial to minimizing bugs and integration problems in complex applications, and automated build tools are your best weapons for detecting integration errors as quickly as possible.

Recipes allow organizations to deploy the exact software and system configurations they need with the push of a button. You can be confident that each build is tested in the right environment every time. Our Deployment process allows you to stay agile while greatly reducing the chance of error or System drift.